Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We went to Maryland for the long weekend for Thanksgiving. We went up early Wednesday morning, got to meet friends out for dinner on Wednesday night, and had a great day for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Carole made a wonderful meal and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Ella getting appetizers for Teresa and Carmen. She was very excited to make their plates for them and said to Carmen "you need a protein!"

With Aunt Tesie

Being silly with Grampy

Ella and Carmen

After dinner we went to Steve's Tio Carlos's house for dessert. We had a great time visiting with Steve's cousins, and Ella had a lot of fun running around playing with the kids.

Making a special creation out of sugar cubes

Cute Cousins

Tuckered out after her big day

We went into Washington DC on Friday and took a trip to the National Zoo.

Ella's first ride on the Metro

The panda bear was my favorite

One night Teresa and Carmen took us out to Hibachi for dinner and it was Ella's first time watching them cook the food at the table. She thought it was really neat except she did NOT want to try to catch any shrimp in her mouth!

It was a great Thanksgiving and so nice to get up to visit Steve's family for the weekend!

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Mom said...

That looks like so much fun; the zoo pix are great.