Friday, December 23, 2011

Visit with Santa

Ella's preschool had a Breakfast with Santa party last week and I decided to let that be our Santa visit for the year and save a trip to the mall and the big line to see Santa.

She stumped me on the way to school because she wanted to know if we were going to see Santa's sleigh and the reindeer in the parking lot and then wanted to know if he has a car or did he walk? Eek, so many questions!

It took her a little bit of time to get up her courage to go talk to Santa but then she was ready and actually went up by herself to talk to him. I think it helped that she was in an environment she's really comfortable in and had her friends there too. She did not want to sit on his lap but they had a nice little chat and she got a bag of treats from him which was what she was most interested in.

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