Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A funny exchange

Steve, Glenn, Ella and I went out to lunch this past Saturday. Ella pointed out that a big girl at a table near us was wearing "stomping shoes", just like she has. She is just as crazy about her shoes as she was when we first got them, and always tells me when she sees other girls with them on.

She had to use the restroom so the 2 of us were in there, and the girl with the stomping shoes happened to come in while we were in there. The girl saw us washing our hands, and grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser and handed it to Ella. I said "thank you, that was really a nice thing to do" and she said "well, she's little and I figured she can't do it", and started washing her hands.

Ella got up on her tiptoes and started pulling a towel out of the dispenser and said to me urgently, "Mommy, I can do it!", I said "I know you can", then she said to the girl, "Hey, I'm not little, look, I can do it!" as she pulled out another one.

The girl heard her and looked over, and was pretty amused by Ella saying that, and then saw Ella's shoes and said "oh wow, they make Twinkle Toes in her size? That is so cute, her feet are so little!" Ella, even more annoyed now, said "no, my size is big!"


Mom said...

I can just see her doing that...so adorable.

Aunt Tesie said...

That is so Ella! She is so feisty, I love it!