Monday, April 11, 2011

Central Park Zoo

Our trip to the Central Park Zoo was Ella's first trip to the zoo. It was a cold and wet day, so not ideal for being outside and walking around, but the upside was that we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves!

Ella took full advantage of wearing her boots - here she is enjoying some serious puddle-splashing

Petting a turtle

My favorite exhibit was the tropical bird house. There were beautiful birds all over who were not at all afraid of people and it was so pretty so see them all. This peacock had his feathers all puffed out and was about a foot away from us, just walking around proudly and strutting his stuff.

Snow leopard. There were a few people with really nice cameras that seemed to be intently and seriously photographing this snow leopard. Unfortunately Ella yelled and it ran away! (In her defense, he came back after a few minutes.)

The sea lions were very neat. It was about half hour before their feeding time and we figured they must have been hoping we had food, because they came right up to where we were and put on a little show!

Red panda

A stork, standing on one leg

There were a ton of penguins, it was really neat to see them swimming around and socializing on the rocks

A little family of monkeys, they were all snuggled up and huddled together, pretty cute

Me and the Wild Woman

Fast asleep on the way home!


The Tooles said...

Glad you went even thought weather was looks like you had a great time. I love the pic of Ella with the sea lions-too cool!

sharon said...

Fast asleep in her seat on the ride home...adorable.

Dad said...

Looks as if everyone and especially Ella had a great time!