Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

I went to Ella's school for her classroom Easter Egg Hunt last Wednesday morning. The Easter bunny came to visit and although she wanted nothing to do with him, she had a lot of fun running around collecting the Easter egg hidden outside.

Her whole class and one of her teachers, Miss Amanda

Cracking open an egg to see the treasures inside

Showing off her loot!

It was a fun morning, I always enjoy getting to visit Ella at school and seeing her with her friends. I am really happy that she really likes her school, has friends and teachers that she likes, and is learning a lot at the same time. Plus, as long as she's at an age where she really wants me to come to all her 'events', you can bet I'll be there!

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Aunt Erin said...

Precious in polka dots!