Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Talk

Tonight after I gave Ella her bath, I got her dressed for bed but wanted to change the sheet on her crib, so all of her crib toys, blankies, babies, etc. were on the floor.

Ella picks up one of her dolls, holds her and pats her on the back and says "I know, baby, I know - Mommy making the sheet for night-night." Cory wanted to go out and I had told her about 10 minutes before that I'd let her out as soon as I put Ella down for bed. Well, she was getting antsy and Ella said in her sweet little voice "I know Cory, I know - 2 minutes" - ha!

I was standing between the foot of the crib and the wall so she couldn't see me clearly so the next thing she said to me was "Mommy stuck? Ella will help" and busily came around to see what I was doing over there.

It was just so sweet and adorable - she wants to be so helpful!!

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Mom said...

She just couldn't be sweeter, and such a big girl!