Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Bone Time

A funny story from this morning.

Last night, after Ella was in bed, I gave Cory a bone to eat but for whatever reason she wasn't impressed and didn't want to eat it, and so she left it on the rug in the dining room, which is where she takes treats to eat them. I didn't see it or think about it again until this morning.

Ella finished breakfast and then was walking around into the dining room, and then she froze in place like she couldn't believe her good luck, and said, "Hey what's this?? A bone! Cory gone, what happened??" (all of this said with great inflection and concern, and right now she loves saying "what happened?").

Then she got really serious and said "Oh no, Cory jump fence, Cory gone, no eat bone." (Because the only explanation she could think of for Cory abandoning her bone was that she had jumped over the fence and was gone.)

I said to her, "Cory's here, she's asleep in bed upstairs." Ella got wildly excited, picked up the bone and started shaking it around, and yelled at the top of her lungs -"Cooo-oory, wake up, wake up - it's bone time!!"

I figured Cory would have no interest in this but she came sprinting down the stairs at top speed and Ella was literally yelling and shrieking "CORY - it's bone time - eat bone - eat bone now! - TREAT - eat bone Cory!" and shoving it on to her nose. Poor Cory did not want to eat that bone, just like she didn't want to eat it last night but Ella couldn't accept this answer and just kept trying to shove it in her mouth, she even said "open up Cory, it's bone time" and used her most persuasive tricks. But nothing worked.

It all went downhill very quickly because Cory wanted to go outside and Ella burst into tears when I let her out because she was unsuccessful in feeding Cory the bone. She was really crying and wanted to be held and she said to me in a very somber way, "Cory sad, no eat bone."

When I was dropping her off at school a little while ago I was telling her what a fun day she'll have and said I'll pick her up after playtime this afternoon and asked her to guess what we'll do tonight. She got a big grin and said very hopefully "Cory eat bone?" Oh my, guess I better dip that thing in peanut butter when we get home tonight!


Mom said...

That's so cute, what a good story!

Aunt Erin said...

so cute! wish it was on video! she loves her poppy!