Monday, May 10, 2010

Off-ball Game

This is Steve's second season playing on our church softball team, and he has games on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On Thursdays they play at a park pretty close to our house, so me and Ella go watch whenever we're free. Ella calls it "off-ball" and loves cheering for Steve. She yells "Gooooo Daddy" even when he's not up and loves clapping and yelling for him.

There is a playground at the park and assuming it does not get too late, we take her for a playground trip after the game is over, which usually warrants some extra-special behavior during the game :). She also frequently says "okay, Daddy's off-ball done, playground time" between every inning when the teams switch places. My favorite moment happened a few weeks ago - Steve had hit the ball and was running to first base, apparently too fast for Ella's taste, because she yelled very loudly "Slow down Daddy!"

When Mom and Glenn were here last week, we all went to watch his game one night and Mom got some good pictures!

Watching intently

Visit to the dugout

Hey, what's this? (one of her most often said phrases!)

Grampy G teaching Ella about 'the wave'

Kiss for my squirmy fan

Eating popcorn (which Ella now clearly calls 'pop-corn', no more 'dap-dap')

Gooooo Daddy!!!

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Mom said...

I love the "wave" pic...that smile, those arms, that belly!