Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Check out my Mom on TV!

As you may know, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, and has been cancer free since 2005. We lost Steve’s mom after a 14-year battle with breast cancer in 2002, Steve’s aunt Thelma has had breast cancer, and his aunt Margaret recently passed away from colon cancer. Needless to say, cancer has affected our lives and our families in such a negative way, and it's close to all of our hearts.

Mom is active with the Susan Komen foundation, and the past few years we have walked the Race for the Cure; mom is also a phone mentor for women going through treatment. This week, she was selected to go with a group of women from the Komen foundation to be in the audience of Good Morning America as a group to raise awareness.

So she got up bright and early this morning and drove into the city to meet her group and get to taping of the show. We were hoping for a few small glimpses of her -but wouldn't you know, not only can we very easily see her, she's practically the star of the clip!

In case you don't know what my mom looks like, she is the one on the far right of this group with the short gray hair in the black "include cancer" t-shirt. Steve gave her his dog tags right before she started going throug chemo and she wore them can see them around her neck. You can also see her give a discreet wave :) (at which point the camera quickly pans to the left!).

I thought it was so cool I had to post - enjoy!

Link: Chatting With the Stars of 'Modern...

And, here is a picture of the group at the studio
mom - good morning america


Mom said...

Thanks! I love that you posted this!

The Tooles said...

What a cute little wave! She sure did pick a good spot to stand=)