Friday, August 21, 2009

Who knew 18-month photos were so hard??

I took Ella to get her 18-month professional photos taken several weeks ago and you would've thought I had taken her to a torture session. The entire time! It was crazy. I would put her down, walk the 3 steps away to get out of the picture, and she would start screaming and crying. She was just miserable, suspicious of the photos being taken, and wouldn't leave my side.

After about half an hour and thinking it just wasn't going to happen and maybe we should call it a day, I got the idea (a.k.a. pure desperation and last ditch effort) to hide under a blanket and Tina could crop me out later. Tina found a white blanket and I got underneath and held Ella on my lap. Voila! - that made all the difference in the world! She thought it was hysterical - we played peekabo, she lauged and carried on, and had an almost-complete recovery. Here are a bunch of the photos, and yes, I am the white shape in them :).

I love how the photos turned out - from looking at them you would never imagine what went on behind the scenes!

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Mom said...

LOVE these!