Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scrapes, curls, and rain ...oh my

Ella got her first skinned knee last week, poor little lady. She's trying to run a lot lately but can't quite get all the pieces together, so she fell in the driveway when she while attempting a top speed road race. She didn't cry at all when she fell but did point to her knee and kept saying "ow" with very wide eyes...it was very cute.

Here's a closeup of the injury

On the hair front, here are some cute pics of her curls


And in completely unrelated news, we had a really, really huge storm the other night and took Ella out on the porch to watch it and she had fun sticking her hand into the rain...she also tried to stick her toes out there and thought the whole thing was quite funny

And this shows how hard it was raining

Pebbles hairdo and a funny face!



wannarun said...

I just love the "Pebble's" photo!


Mom said...

Colleen - she's really a little girl now - just precious.

Colleen said...

Dad - I know, I can't help myself from giving her these absurd hairdos...next milestone = pigtails

Mom - You are 100% right, a little lady instead of a baby!!

The Tooles said...

Love the curls Colleen! Caroline's hair is starting to grow out and I am curious to see if she has them too. We are behind you in hairstyling...I look forward to doing the "Thomas Jefferson" soon=)