Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Day of First Grade

Ella started first grade on Monday, August 25th. She had a very rough night of sleep, including staying up too late and then waking up at 5am to see what the baby was up to, ending up on the couch with me downstairs...but, she is a little champ and was excited and all set for her first day of school. 

Looking adorable in her new outfit and wearing her new "big sister" bracelet from Aunt Erin

I had missed Meet the Teacher but there was no chance I was going to miss dropping her off in her classroom that first morning. It was a morning of chaos. The baby needed to eat right when Ella needed breakfast and her lunch packed, and it was our first time taking the baby out anywhere. I just parked myself on the couch and fed the baby while Steve took care of Ella and although it was chaotic, we managed to keep good spirits, leave on time and got there with plenty of time.

On her way to first grade!

Outside the school

In her classroom

Steve and I were able to meet her teacher that morning and I finally felt 'in the loop' and ready to drop her off. Dottie did great and slept right through the whole thing, including when one of Ella's classmates came running up to us and tried to put his hand right over her face :)

Ella has such an awesome class this year - she's got two friends in her class that she's been friends with since we moved here, one of her best friends from her class last year, and also sits in her pod with a buddy from her gymnastics class last spring, and another girl that she rides the bus with. We really couldn't have asked for a better class for her to end up in.  

Last year, I had asked Mrs. Dooley if she wouldn't mind recommending that Ella be put in a class where the teachers would be accommodating and understanding of the fact that the beginning of the school year would be a big time of transition for Ella. Mrs. Dooley assured me that all of the first grade teachers are great but she'd of course do what she could. I went to have lunch with Ella last Friday and Mrs. Dooley happened to be walking to the cafeteria with Ella's teacher and classroom. I was so excited to see her and catch up, and thanked her so much for Ella's classroom placement for this year. (Ella gets to see Mrs. Dooley at least a few times a week - she even brought in a picture of her and the baby to give her and loves talking to her whenever she has the chance.)

Ella has two teachers who do a job share - Mrs. Holtvlewer teaches in the mornings and does reading, spelling, phonics, all of the literacy and language arts work; and Mrs. Wilson is in the afternoon and teaches math, science and social studies. Both teachers have 2nd graders (so they just finished first grade themselves) in addition to their other young children, have been teaching at Cline for 12 years, and really just couldn't be any nicer. Ella is really happy in the class and I was really impressed on Parent Orientation night with the curriculum and really think it's going to be a great year for her. We've also since learned that Mrs. Holtvlewer goes to our church, which was a really great surprise last Sunday, Ella was so excited to see her there. 

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