Friday, September 26, 2014

Dottie - Day 2

Friday, August 22nd was Dottie's second day. 

Precious little baby doll :)

It was Ella's last day of summer camp and she had an end-of-summer trampoline show. She didn't want to stay for the day of camp but still wanted to do her show so Mom went to the show and then brought her back to the hospital.

I brought a very cute dress for the baby for her professional hospital pictures but she had other plans and wouldn't stop crying for the photographer. So these are the only ones I ended up with!

Such a good big sister already!

Friday afternoon was really important, it was Ella's Meet the Teacher event at school. This is the time she picks up her school supplies and finds out her teacher for the year, goes to the classroom and gets to meet her teacher. I really, really, really, really did not want to miss it...but, still being in the hospital, there was no possible way to make it. I was expecting to be discharged shortly after 6pm, so Steve needed to stay at the hospital. Mom took Ella and it worked out great. 

They ran into Brileigh right away

 I was happy because I had mom texting me with good updates, and two of my friends texted that their girls were in the same class as Ella. Mom said all went great, and her teachers seemed really nice and even already knew that she had a brand-new baby sister. 

In her new classroom

It was really important to me to not miss that afternoon, but I did, and it was okay - Mom made sure that Ella was all squared away at the event and was officially ready for first grade!

Ready to go home! 

The wait to officially be discharged took forever, and after thinking it'd be 'any minute' for the final 3 hours, it was ultimately after 9pm before we got to leave, and 10pm before we made it home...although that was very annoying, still ended up much better being home that night vs. another night in the hospital. 

Ella waited up for us and couldn't wait to get her hands on her baby sister

First night at home!

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sharon said...

Praise God for this and so many blessings! How beautiful are these little girls?