Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Camp

Ella had a great summer at Primrose for summer camp. They did all kinds of fun things - a bunch of field trips, shows, special activities, splash pad, and great themes every week.

A few pics from the school Facebook page --

Fun at Build-a-Bear

Safari vests during jungle week

Her "wanted" picture for Western Week

 Getting to volunteer in the fossil show
Her class won a contest for the most donations for pet supplies for a local animal shelter so they were able to load up the truck with all the donations
And some Happy Grams from the summer:
6/19/13: Ella has been doing great this week! She has been following instructions and doing great artwork! Keep up the good work!

7/15/13: Ella is a great listener! She always follows directions correctly the first time! Keep up the great work Ella!

7/24/13: Ella has been doing excellent work this week. She takes her time and always gives her best effort during art time. Way to go, Ella.

8/8/2013: Today Ella cleaned up a huge mess that was made by another student. She graciously volunteered and did not complain or whine about the task. We appreciate her kindness and eagerness to help the teachers. She is a joy to work with! Thanks Ella :)
Some drawings and writings from her last several months at Primrose:


Primrose has been a great place for Ella since we moved here last March and we're so grateful for the great friends she's made. It was hard to say good-bye but she was beyond excited and ready to move on to kindergarten!

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sharon said...

That's so wonderful; looks like she had a great time and had so many fun experiences.