Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Special Visitors

In July we had some very special visitors - Erin, Cameron, Grammy and Grampy! We were so excited for Erin and Cameron's first trip to visit us in TX and had been counting down the days until their visit.
So excited at the airport, holding up the sign she made to welcome them
So happy to be reunited :)
Adorable cousins with Grammy and Grampy
Lucky Grammy in the backseat on the way home from dinner
And of course we spent lots of time in the pool over the weekend
Could he be any cuter?!
Lots of play time

Ella giving me a makeover -- including clip on pink and purple hair

Cameron's turn!

The weekend went by too fast of course, but was really wonderful, and we are so glad that Erin and Cameron had the chance to visit!

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sharon said...

It WAS awesome; great pix!!