Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visit from Kelly

Kelly came to visit from Boston the last weekend in June. We've been working on a trip for her to come out since we moved and I am so glad it finally worked out. It was so, so, so good to see her and have her visit for a few days.

Ella and I picked her up from the airport on Friday afternoon and then we went out to dinner once Steve got home from work, then just talked and talked in the backyard all night. On Saturday morning we went to the Paint Pub, drank mimosas, and made some masterpieces!

We spent Saturday afternoon swimming and had Ella for plenty of entertainment and lots of laughs!
I got Ella's babysitter to come on Saturday night so we could go out for the night and we went down to Seabrook for dinner and to a bar on the water. So much fun!!
Ella had a great night with Jessica and was fast asleep on her floor in the 'fort' they made when we got home 
At breakfast on Sunday morning
We just relaxed and swam on Sunday afternoon and then barbecued for dinner. Steve took Kelly to the airport early Monday morning, so the weekend was over way too quickly... but ahh, such a fantastic weekend and we are so happy that Kelly came to visit us!!

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sharon said...

Looks like a really special time!