Monday, July 8, 2013

Picture Post

Catching up on a bunch of pictures from May and June-- 

Beautiful blue jay in the backyard

Looking adorable with a bubble beard

So cute walking Cory

 With my baby on Mother's Day

Registering for kindergarten! 

I love all our lizards and frogs - this little guy hangs out under our pool umbrella a lot, I'm always happy to see him

And this cute fellow is on my bathroom window almost every single night. Whenever he's not around, I wonder where he is.

Steve and I went to the beach for the weekend when Ella was in NJ. The hotel was so beautiful, and this was our view from the balcony

And from dinner one night

A few nights after getting back from NJ - consulting her snow globe of NYC and demanding that it show her where Grammy was at that exact moment

Making funny faces with Caleb at our first crawfish boil

And there was a sole survivor, somehow a single crawfish hid in the net and managed to survive all day. We were hoping we'd last longer and we could get a little tank for him, but unfortunately he did not make it until the morning...but, for that night, Ella was very happy with her new pet

Father's Day

And the adorable card Ella made for Steve

And then I turned 33 on June 17 -- and of course Ella loves any reason for a celebration!

And my beautiful card!!

Great day trip to the beach 

I was in a really great book club in NC, and have been involved in starting a small one here for the last few months. I guess the nights I go to "book club" are very mysterious to Ella, just like when I go to bunco, which she calls "bonko", and she's just dying to know what's happening at any place I am out without her. Well, in June, Steve ended up having to go to a last minute dinner for work, and I didn't want to miss it because I was excited to talk about our book. So I decided I would take Ella with me. She was as excited as if I'd told her we were going to Disneyworld that night. She told me she was going to go get ready, by herself, and would come down when she was done. Here she is - ready for book club!

Little muscle woman!

Cory managed to tuck herself in our bed -- tough life being a dog!

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sharon said...

TOO, TOO CUTE! Of course, my favorite is the one with the snow globe. I just love that she enjoyed that trip so much.