Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visit from Mom & Glenn

Mom and Glenn came to visit us last weekend, and it was so nice to have them. 

They kept Ella home for a party day on Friday. They went back to Schlitterbahn, the water park in Galveston, and then spent the night in a hotel.  

Making a treasure box, which she has slept with every night since

Steve & I went out downtown on Friday night and had a nice dinner and went bowling at Lucky Strike, a bowling alley/bar. We haven't been bowling in years but it was a lot of fun and I even beat him in one game. We stayed at a hotel and spent a few hours at the pool in the morning, it was so nice to get to read and relax and eat a leisurely breakfast. 

We had a nice afternoon and evening on Saturday and then on Sunday after church, Mom, Ella and I went to the Downtown Aquarium. 

Ella checking out the jellyfish

Alligators resting together. The one on top got up and swam around, it was cute watching him swim.

Ella posing as the "Statue of Liberty" (her description)

Petting a horsehoe crab

And my favorite part - petting the stingrays!

They also had White Tigers, they took turns being active and were really neat to watch

In addition to the aquarium inside, there was a ton of stuff outside, almost like a carnival with rides and even a splash pad. It was too hot to do much but we did go for a ride on the ferris wheel.

When we got home, Ella was very excited to finally get to try out her Snoopy Sno-Cone maker and here they are making snow cones together.

It was a great visit and we are already looking forward to the next one!

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