Tuesday, August 7, 2012

According to Ella

It's been a long time since I've kept track of some of the treasures that Ella says, but have written down some good ones the last few weeks -

We were in the car one day and out of nowhere she said to me "do you remember when we went to the North Pole and saw flamingos"?...I asked what she meant and she said "It was really cold out and we were wearing a lot of clothes. And there were lots of animals, and flamingos, remember?" And then it hit me that she was talking about our trip to Central Park Zoo last year, she thought we had visited the North Pole.

I told Ella that I had seen a snake when I was walking Cory and her first responses were "seriously? are you kidding?!" then she said very dramatically - "have you ever seen a snake in life?"

Sometimes I don't know what dreams I'm having.

Ella said to me '"Do you want to live here, or in North Carolina?'" I said, "well this is our new home now and we're staying here in Texas, but of course I really love North Carolina." Her reply - "Oh yes, it's a beautiful state!"

Along the sames lines, another day she asked me if we were ever moving back to North Carolina and I said that while we'll definitely visit, we're staying here because this is where Daddy's job is. Ella was silent for a few minutes and then said "Oh! well if Daddy's job was at the beach, would we live there?" I said "yes" and she got a big grin and said "Oh wow, that would be fun!!"

Ella rushed into the bathroom where I was and said very frustrated "Mommy. I don't want Cory in the living room while I'm playing." I asked her "why not?" and she said "Because - she keeps passing gas on me!"

"Remember when you were gone for work and me and daddy were home by ourselves?" (big eyes, very sweet) - "Were you sad all by yourself?"

"You're my best Mommy!"

We were talking about something and I said that I hoped something would happen. Ella's reply? "Oh yea, I know that feeling!"

I was making dinner and she came into the kitchen to get a glass of water and on the way to the sink said "every day I'm shuffling."

We were washing our hands at the sink and I asked for some soap. She said to me "Mommy, you can wash your own hands, you're a big girl."

"I'm never gonna stop loving you!"

"What are you writing? About me talking sweet?"

One day Steve left the apartment without his computer and I called him to tell him he forgot it. It turned out he had to go to a training all day so he didn't need it. The next morning Ella said to him "Do you need your computer today, or do you have another training?"

"Do you want to know my favorite seasons? They are Christmas, Halloween, and ...snow day!"

Challenge Questions:

"I know that babies get IN a mommy's tummy because God puts them in there, but how do they get OUT?"

"What is a mammal?"

"Does ice float or sink?"

"Why don't I see the Big Dipper every night? Also there are constellations like the bear and the dog - where are those?" ummm....

She certainly keeps me on my toes!!


Dad said...

So how do babies get out? Ella sure is keeping you on your toes! Great post!

Mom said...

So sweet! How does that little head operate? I want to see her face when you tell her how babies come out.

Colleen said...

Oh I didn't give her an answer, the way her mind works she is very easily distracted and I started talking about something else.

She must not have cared too much because she didn't ask again!

I was more stumped on why I can't expertly point out the constellations every night :)

Aunt Erin said...

My goodness! I love, "Every day I'm shuffling."