Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ice Skating

I had off for New Years holiday on Monday and it was finally going to be a cold day, and I've been dying to take Ella ice skating, so seemed like the perfect opportunity. There is an outside rink downtown so we headed out for our ice skating adventure with high hopes!

I had visions of the two of us holding hands and skating happily around the rink. Ha! Ella did not like it. She was terrified of falling and got really upset that she couldn't do it, and ended up just kind of marching on the ice and holding me or the wall very tightly.

We went around the rink maybe 3 or 4 times and we both had enough - my back was killing from leaning over to push her around and she didn't want to try any more. I'm glad we tried it but I think we'll hold off on ice skating again until next year!


Grampy-G said...

WHAT! She doesn't like skating? I have to have a heart to heart talk with that girl. She and I have to go to a Canes game.

Dad said...

Colleen, the last time I tried it was with you in Chicago. Way too cold, but we made it around the rink a few times. I'm with Ella though - not my favorite activity. However, you'll always have this memory! (Maybe when she's older.) Enjoy Ella's birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes things don't always go as envisioned, but how nice you had the day off and could spend it with Ella! I hope 2012 is going great for you and your family!
Lori Hardin