Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Party

We had Ella's birthday party the Saturday after her birthday. She wanted a jumping party with Backyardigans theme, so that is what she got!

Mom and Glenn; Erin, Josh and Cameron; and Teresa and Carmen all came in for the weekend to celebrate. Ella had all her friends there and had so much fun.

With my sweet birthday girl at home

with Steve at BounceU, ready to party

Could this birthday girl be any cuter??

Ella and Grampy G

with Rorie

Watching the safety video

Once it was time for them to start jumping, Ella just ran around and had fun with all her buds for more than an hour without so much as a break. It was just our group so they had the place to themselves and were free to run wild :).

They ran, jumped, played, tons of yelling and laughing, and just had a blast - I love watching her have so much fun. It's also pretty noteworthy that she's at the age where her friends are more fun than her good old mommy (gasp!!).

Having fun with Tess

Adorable Dominic

Steve, Mom and Cameron

Jumping in the spider web

Coming down the slide

Cameron and the girls - he was quite the ladies man. Ella had been really excited for all her friends to meet him and , and at one point Gillian said "Ella, your baby is cute!"

Look at this handsome little man!

Jumping with Maddie

In the party room after the jumping time

Backyardigans cake

Ella was funny with her cake - she took 4 blows to get all her candles out, and did them one at a time

With Maddie and Morgan

Ella and Grammy

At home later that evening after a big nap, doing stamps and coloring with Carmen

Hammock from Grampy

Coloring with Grammy and Grampy

Erin and Cameron

Mom's birthday is the 13th, so Erin brought another cake and we gave Mom her birthday gifts.

Very big hug for Grammy!

With Aunt Tesie and Miss Carmen

Playing with her new pizza play-doh maker from Aunt Erin and Uncle Josh

The party and weekend were awesome, and a very big thank you to our family and friends who came to celebrate Ella's 4th birthday!!


Mom said...

That was really a fun weekend. Thanks for having us!

Aunt Erin said...

It was a great weekend!