Sunday, November 6, 2011


The weather on Saturday morning was really bad but by the afternoon had dried out a bit and was cold but dry, so we decided to still go to Hollyfest.

A funny story - before we left, I made Ella a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and carrot sticks for lunch. She said she wasn't hungry for lunch and had a carrot or two but nothing else, and not a bit of her sandwich. I knew that as soon as we got to Hollyfest she'd be asking for a snack or a treat, so I told her that there would be no snacks or sweets until she ate her sandwich, and I took it with me and put it in my purse. Near the entrance, there were two women from a new doctor's clinic handing out goodie bags with candy in them. They tried to give one to Ella and she said, kind of sadly, "Oh, I can't have that. I didn't eat my lunch" and refused the goodie bag. The ladies were nice and gave it to Steve and said "well we'll give it to your daddy for you to have later", which Ella liked. They said a few other things to her and then at the end said "well, if you ever need a doctor's office, we're over on ..." Ella's reply: "Oh, well I ALREADY got my flu shot!"

Erin dressed Cameron up in his other Halloween costume, he was the most adorable little elephant!!

Having fun jumping

On the elephant ride (which I think she seemed kind of bored on this year, she might be getting too big for it!)

Ella wanted to know which activities Cameron would be able to do with her, she didn't like that he was too little to jump or slide but was happy with the idea of going 'on' the firetruck with him.

On a firetruck with Grampy G

Firefighter and little puppy

Ella got to shoot this fire hose and knock down 'fires' in a house with a real fire man

My sweet skeleton

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Mom said...

Don't forget Ella's "stress heart." You told her that she can use it when she yells at you and she said, "yeah, when I'm in time-out I can squeeze it." We thought it was so funny that she knew the next stop after yelling at you is time-out.