Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ella Says...

Here are about 2 months worth of Ella quotes I've been writing down when I remember to!

We were driving to Charlotte and it was Ella, Kelly and I in the car. Ella said "it's a good thing we brought a lady with us to carry our bags!" (meaning Kelly - ha!)

Ella was on the phone with Steve and he asked her how baby Cameron was doing. Her reply: "he's so gigantic - like a peanut butter jar!" - complete with hand gestures.

E: you know what? Ranky can do whatever he wants!
Me: who's Ranky?
E: my brain! What's yours called?

"Tonight when I sleep I'm going to grow halfway to the ceiling!"

"My tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Soon I'm going to be a grown-up!" (hmm...)

At the doctor's office, to the nurse: you're a doctor!
Nurse: no, I'm not a doctor, I'm a nurse
E: oh. Well when I grow up I'm going to be a vet
Nurse: wow, that's great
E: I'm going to be a vet AND a doctor!
Nurse: wow!
E: yup, I'm gonna have to go to a LOT of school!

"Once I finish my chores you can give me a big clap!"

"Cory, don't lick my boo-boo! It is not a treat!"

To a cashier at the store. The cashier said good-bye and Ella said "Have a nice night! What are you doing this weekend?"

One weekend day during lunch, Ella needed to use the bathroom, so we got up from the table and left the kitchen for a few minutes. Ella's bowl of pasta was still on the table. Cory ended up helping herself to it and Ella was furious. She needed to call Steve immediately to tell on Cory and talked about it all afternoon. That night at dinner I said grace and when I was done Ella said, kind of surprised at me, "Mommy, you didn't tell God about Cory eating my pasta at lunch!"

We were walking Cory in the greenway in our neighborhood and Ella wanted to go in this little wooded part that faces into a creek. We usually go in there but the ground was too muddy and wet so I told her she couldn't walk in there. She said "well I want to, I'm going in there." (unfortunately, this in itself is not notable, I hear this kind of stuff all the time). I said "if you go in there, we'll have to head right back home and you'll go in time out." Ella said: "well - will Cory sit in time out?" I said, "No, why would Cory have to go to time out?" Ella sighed very dramatically and said "Oh Mommy, you're just a stinker!" I have never heard her say that before and it really caught me off-guard, I burst out laughing and said "where did you hear that?" her reply: "Oh Mommy, don't worry about it, it's just a part of life." I really do not know where she comes up with this stuff!

I was going to make dinner in the crock pot before work one morning and had taken it out the night before and put it on the counter. As soon as we got downstairs Ella spotted it and said, “what is that big pot doing on the counter?” I told her I was going to make dinner and let it cook while we were gone for the day. She said very suspiciously, “what are you cookin’ in there?” I told her we were going to have chicken and rice for dinner. E: “I’m not having that. I don’t like chicken. It’s a very yucky vegetable.” Me (sigh…): “Chicken is not a vegetable, and vegetables aren’t yucky. You like chicken and you like rice.” E: “you can just make that for you. I’ll have macaroni for dinner” … While she was eating breakfast at the breakfast counter, I started mixing ingredients in the mixing bowl. She got very frantic and upset, and said “Mommy, I’M supposed to be your helper. I do the mixing!” I went and worked on something else and let her help when she finished eating, and she did a good job with all of it. At the end she said “hmm, maybe I’ll eat some of this when it’s cooked.” Ahh, lucky me!

We were eating dinner and talking about school and I asked her if she had any timeouts that day. She hardly ever does, but when she does, they are always for her either talking to her friends when they’re supposed to be listening, or not picking up her toys and wanting to keep playing when it’s time to move to another activity. She said to me, very seriously, “no, I used to have timeouts, but I am not going to have them anymore.” I said, “oh that is great! Why aren’t you going to have any more?” Her reply (very serious): “Because. I decided to try listening instead. Timeouts are WORSE than listening! Much worse.”

For my lunch one day, I made pasta salad by just throwing a bunch of stuff together with salad dressing and pasta. Ella had to help of course, and once we were done she said: "Is this your greatest pasta salad ever?"

On the way to school on Friday morning, we were talking about the upcoming weekend and how it was going to be fun because we were going to have a leisurely Saturday morning with nowhere to be. Ella said “we can watch cartoons”, I said “and sleep in”, Ella said: “yea, and you won’t keep tellin’ me what time it is!”

Ella asked Mom and Glenn about their last name and they told her it was “Molnar.” She said “like my cat, Nomar? It’s similar.” We were amazed she made the connection between the names and used the word ‘similar’ to describe them.

Erin gave Ella a stress heart that someone gave her as a giveaway at Hollyfest. Ella thought it was very cool and asked me about it, I told her it was a stress ball but then had to follow-up with an explanation of what ‘stress’ is. I said she could squeeze it when she was upset or angry. “You know, like if you get upset, or frustrated ... When you get mad at mommy and daddy you can squeeze the stress heart really tight.” Ella’s reply: “yes, and then I can bring it with me to timeout!”

Belt seat = seat belt
Last morning = yesterday morning

Words she uses all the time that surprised me the first few times: frustrated, difficult, ridiculous, indivisible (from the Pledge of Allegiance)

And some extra embarrassing ones:
Eating dinner at a restaurant, she yells halfway across the room: "Hey! Are you the worker?" (I promise we do NOT call waitresses 'the workers'!)

We were walking up to the playground and there was a lady gardening in her yard. Ella had to ask her what she was doing and we chatted for a few minutes. The lady said “well have fun”, and I said “thank you, have a good afternoon” and we kept walking. Ella said loudly “why didn’t she say ‘you too’”? I said “well she already gave her closing, she said ‘have fun’” – Ella said “No, she probably just thinks she’s too busy!” (sheesh)

When she has to do her #2 business in a public bathroom, she likes it to be empty. If we go into a bathroom with several stalls and she’ll see there are people in them she’ll say “when are they leaving”, “when will they be done?” – I try to very quietly say something like “Ella, everyone gets to use the bathroom when they need to” and then she’ll say, super loudly: “WHAT did you say?? When will they leave!”

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Dad said...

Wow! How does Ella come up with all of this! Quite the observant little grandchild!