Thursday, September 15, 2011

Picture Post

A bunch of recent pictures -

Fancy dress at her last dance class

Welcome to Ella's house!

Mom and Glenn watched Ella for us for the weekend on our anniversary and Ella had a blast. They went to Tucker Lake one day, here's Ella climbing up the little iceberg water slide.

And tailgating for lunch!

They went to Build-a-Bear and Ella built her new buddy Kludo (she named him). He has a shirt, pants, sneakers, roller skates, bandanna, leash, and a very fancy bed. This is one decked-out dog!

Bringing him to school a few days later

Coloring at her easel at Grammy and Grampy G's house

Little princess in her Ariel dress. She hasn't seen the movie the Little Mermaid but loves Ariel and loves to wear this costume.

Decorating cupcakes in her play house

One day she inexplicably insisted on wearing her Santa hat

On a special date with Daddy to Jump Zone. Lots of jumping and a slushy at the end = very happy girl

Having fun on the deck

We made pizza one night and I started cutting it with the pizza cutter. She remembered that she had "her own" pizza cutter, so she went upstairs, got it from her kitchen in the playroom, and helped me cut. What a great little assistant!

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