Thursday, June 2, 2011

New 'Do

We decided it was time for a summer haircut for Ella. It's been hot so I've been putting it up in a ponytail every day, but she likes to wear it down and doesn't want to have it up. She is most happy with it completely loose and all over the place..Plus, hair brushing was turning into a twice-a-day battle usually ending in Ella mad or crying. I got a few inches cut off a month or so and it made a little bit of a difference but we decided to try a more drastic change this time.

I took her on Saturday to get it cut. We ran several errands in the morning and then we were on the way to get her haircut. When we got there, I opened the car door and a really sweet smell hit me and I saw a ton of grease in her hair, which had not been there when I put her in her car seat about 15 minutes ago. Turns out she had very quietly taken her tube of lip gloss and squeezed a bunch into her hair during the car trip - auuggh, what timing, right??

It was getting late and I knew that if I went home to give her a bath, we wouldn't get back out for the hair cut, so I decided to just stick with the plan, see if they'd be still willing to cut it, and just give a big tip in exchange for the obnoxiousness of bringing my daughter in for a haircut with a head full of lip gloss. Ella was not happy with the result because she had to get it shampooed in the sink leaning back, and she did not like that at all...but it worked out in the end and all was well once Ella got her post-cut lollipop.

I love her hair cut, it's such a cute length and so much easier to deal with, it hasn't had a single knot in it yet. Ella loves it because she doesn't have to wear a ponytail and brushing is so easy. It was such a surprise at first because I'm so used to her with long hair, and I think she looks older and taller with her new hairdo. But, so far so good and I'm glad we got it cut.

Showing off her new look!


Mom said...

What a lucky girl with all that natural curl! Just like her Mommy!

Aunt Erin said...

I love that gorgeous haircut!