Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Pool Trip of the Summer

We took Ella to the pool for the first time last weekend. Steve made the mistake of telling Ella first thing in the morning that we were going to go later in the day, and she asked us approximately 300 times if it was time to go to the pool yet. When it was finally time, she was very ready!

At the pool

Lots of fun swimming (and even more fun jumping over..and over...and over...)

Cute video of her "swimming"

In her after-swim robe from Grampy G, could she be any cuter??

It was very fun, and we are looking forward to many, many trips to the pool this summer!!


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The Tooles said...

Looks like your fam has been enjoying water fun. I love Ella's new haircut. I plan to get Caroline's cut soon too. Long hair is pretty but so hard to manage on a toddler. Hope y'all are doing well!