Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picture Post

Sleeping with Cory

Ella got her face painted for the first time at a friend's birthday party, she picked a butterfly to match her shirt!

Sweet little chums

Really pretty sky one evening

Sleeping with her legs crossed!

Checking on the bird feeder ( = grabbing birdseed and dumping it on the ground)

Playing air hockey for the first time with Avni, she was actually pretty good!

In her Minnie costume for Costume Day at school

Posing on Mis-match Day

She grabbed this bag of batteries and asked me to take a picture of her, so silly!

One night when I went to check in on Ella one more time before I went to sleep, this is what I saw. She had 2 books in bed with her when I said good night. I counted them after I took this picture - there were 17 of them! She loves her books!


Mom said...

She just gets cuter and sweeter every day!

The Tooles said...

Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun lately and like Ella loves her little school=)

Grampy-G said...

AIR HOCKEY??? Well it's a start.I think she gets her skills from me!