Monday, May 23, 2011


Peakfest was a few Saturdays ago, and Ella and I went with Christine and Dominic. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. We watched a magic show, had a fun lunch where the kiddos did their best to give Chris and I a run for our money, and then we went to the kids area where there were inflatables and rides.

Jumping fun!

The big milestone for the day was that Ella and Dominic went on a train ride together, without us! They did great, and enjoyed the ride. What a big girl and boy!

It was hot by the end of the trip and I carried Ella about 20 minutes back to the car, on my back...naturally she was exhausted from all her fun and couldn't walk. My back was killing on Sunday! Regardless, it was a great Saturday and lots of fun!


Christine said...

What a nice and polite way to not say that my little guy was TOTALLY instigating your sweet well behaved daughter during lunch!

It was a fun day, none the less
:-) hopefully we can do it again next year!

Colleen said...

Chris that is too funny. I will definitely say that Ella enjoyed every minute of it!