Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video Post

I took some cute videos of Ella this weekend. She usually completely stops whatever she's doing as soon as I get the camera in an attempt to thwart my video-capturing, but I managed to catch a few good ones

In this one she put my flip-flops on and sang a little song "flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flip..." - then if you listen carefully she starts singing ABCs but disappears when the draw of Cory's food and water is just too much to ignore

We were getting ready to go swimming and she was pretending to use the towels as blankets. Here she is telling me she needs to get tucked in

Once I tucked her in and she was all set, she starts to pretend to sleep - then discovers a Christmas ornament tucked in a couch cushion (eek!) followed by some fake snoring

We were coming back from a walk in the neighborhood and Ella was trying to lure a bird into her hand - she says "Birds, come! Come in my hand!" It's a little hard to hear her in this one but so worth it if you can! (And in case you were curious, no birds have taken her up on her offer yet)

She loves the "monkeys jumping on the bed" book and will usually count and say "no more mon-keys jumpin' on the bed!" - well I didn't catch that but she was really cute here with Cory

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