Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Comedian

One of the most amazing things about Ella lately is watching her sense of humor develop and how hysterical she can be. Tonight at dinner, Steve and I spent the majority of the time laughing at how silly she was being. A lot of times she's not meaning to be funny but is actually so serious and heartfelt that is just heartbreakingly sweet and funny.

Here are some of my favorite Ella-isms from the last month or so -

Steve was going to go up in the attic to get the bassinet so we could bring it to Erin. Ella said "what doing?" and I said "Daddy's getting something for your baby cousin to sleep in when he gets here" - Ella said "Oh, I know - jammies?"

"I have a baby in my tummy too." (She wants to be just like Aunt Erin!)

When I went to get Ella up from her nap and I asked her how her nap was - she said: "I was crying in my crib, Daddy came and took me out of my crib. He rocked me on the chair and my eyes stopped crying."

We were reading Goodnight Moon: "That Mommy is not Ella's Mommy, that is the bunny's Mommy."

"Cory does NOT wear underwear."

Dropping her off at school one morning, she wanted me to hold her, but my hands were full with the different containers of her lunch so I told her my hands were full and I couldn't pick her up. She said "I know - put down the food, and carry ME." She was so pleased with herself for coming up with the solution, it was so adorable.

We were being silly and I was asking Ella different nicknames like "are you my pumpkin pie?" "are you my blueberry muffin?" "are you my strawberry shortcake?", etc. - Ella's reply: "I'm your bagel!"

I wanted Ella to get out of the bathtub - she said to me: "Mommy, not time to get out. It's time to play with toys!"

One day in the car -
Me: Alright Ellabella, xxxxxx (I can't remember...)
Ella: Noooo, not Ellabella!
Me: What, you don't like me calling you Ellabella?
Ella: No, no Ellabella and NO BABY
Me: Ohhh I can't call you baby either? What should I call you?
Ella: Big girl!

I put a piece of gum on the console between the front seats and then loaded Ella up in her carseat. She saw the gum and said "It's gum Mommy. Eat gum! Eat gum!" When I got in my seat I put the piece of gum in my mouth and she clapped and cheered and said "Good job Mommy, good job!"

Speaking of gum, one time after I put a piece of gum in my mouth she said "Is your gum good Mommy? Is it a tasty treat?" The 'tasty treat' was just too funny.

One morning she was digging through my make-up drawer in the bathroom and I asked her what she was doing and she said - "It's okay Mommy, just checking it out."

After taking her shirt off, she said "I take off my tummy too." And then tried to pull on her tummy. And then she said "Ouch, it's stuck!"

She is just so funny, I'd need to carry a tape recorder around with me all day to keep track of it all!!

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Dad said...

Ella's comments are hysterical! "I'm your bagel" cracked me up! Thanks for posting and thanks to Ella for being so funny!