Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Pics, Part 1

Dottie helping organize the drawers in the kitchen

She loves a good selfie!

Madelyn returned! Ella couldn't have been more excited.

Helping me with the dishes

We went to Bass Pro to see Santa and there was a two-hour line, which would not work with this is as close as Ella got to seeing Santa there!

Sleeping angel

Nutcracker field trip day

Army-Navy Game Day

Before her performance at Christmas in the Park

And the video of her routine

Sledding down the snow hill 

Big hugs for Grammy

Texans-Patriots game - so, so much fun and the Pats won

Showing off her belly during Ella's jazz class

Veggie face at a brownie meeting

Dottie is the mascot of Ella's brownie troop - always gets lots and lots of attention!

With Santa (Ella said he was OBVIOUSLY a helper!)

Christmas jammies

Christmas party at the Changs house

First cookie customer of girl scout cookie season!

Christmas party at school

Firetruck Santa driving through the neighborhood

Dave and Busters with the Callaways  

Swimming in December! 

Christmas lights 

One of the yards in our neighborhood - tons of decorations, including a snow making machine! 

Baking Christmas cookies with Grammy 

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sharon said...

These are great! What a nice time that was!