Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Pics

Beautiful double rainbow after a rainy weekend!

Dottie LOVES her baby dolls :)

Looking adorable before school

Hard at work in her cabinet. This is where she spends her time in the kitchen while I'm cooking (unless she is in a mood where I can't put her down - then I hold her while I'm cooking!)

Sweet ladies during their morning routine

Ella forgot her homework folder at school one day so she was not able to do her homework that night. She was worried she'd have to move her clip down the next day for not having her work done, so she wrote both of her teachers apology notes for forgetting her folder at school...and then she left for school the next day and left the notes at home. SIGH...

With SLiM, Steve's little mascot robot

Fun at the playground

Grammy dressed Dottie up in a tutu one night while Ella and I were out - so cute!!

My dainty ballerina :)

Veterans Day

Cory looking extra-comfy in our bed

Ella was excited to drink some apple cider. She went upstairs and came down in her "cider drinking outfit"!

Having fun in the driveway in her bathing suit with many bowls of of those inexplicable things that brought her great joy :)

Dottie was invited to her first birthday party! It was Ella's friend, but was Dottie's first official invite and she fully enjoyed herself!

Brownie troop in their turkey hats

Learning to cook an egg

Science experiments

Sweet baby!

First day in her winter coat - she loves the fur-lined hood :)

Love that grin! 

Getting ready for bed

Helping me pack for a unpacking the diaper bin and climbing all over everything!

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sharon said...

Too, toooo cute! Such beautiful girls.