Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August Pics

A bunch of pics from August

Steve and Dottie - so sweet together!

Happy girl 

Grammy and Dottie in the pool 

Scrumptious little turkey body in the shower - she loves any chance she gets to be in the water :) 

And those buns!! 

Sweet baby 

Getting good at crawling - and perfecting the talent of "if there's a speck of anything on the ground that she shouldn't be playing with, she'll find it!"

Pretty sunrise and full moon in the morning 

Sweetest 7 year old ever :) 

Fun at the playground 

And Ella is proud of her new talent - instead of going hand to hand on each bar, now she can go hand over hand on the monkey bars; AND was able to get across on the side rails

Steve and I went to Galveston for the weekend for our 13th anniversary, and Mom watched the girls for us. We had a wonderful time and got to relax and enjoy for the weekend. Beautiful view from our balcony.

Ella started a Jazz class a few weeks ago, she is really enjoying it!

Special visitor in Dottie's crib

Looking awfully cute on the patio at Grammy's - now that she is mobile, she cannot be contained and has to be free to roam!

Ella sleeping, so adorable

Erin got Dottie this adorable onesie - it has her photo on it and says "Walking is overrated - when you're this cute, you get carried." It is adorable and Dottie looks so cute in it. I was trying to get a picture of her to send to Erin but she kept crawling away. Finally I put her in her high chair - pretty much the only way to keep her in one place for a few minutes!

 Communicating with Cory up against the window :)

Big fun at a sleepover at Sophie's house

Sleeping angel baby 

Notice the little hand reaching through getting ready to end her peaceful sleep :/ 

She was really proud of herself for making it into the spot under her high chair 

So adorable in the bath together!