Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vacation in South Padre Island

We went on vacation to South Padre Island the last week in July. It was the longest car trip we've done with Dottie and it wasn't easy for her, but we made it and it was well worth the drive. 

The view from our balcony - we were right on the beach and had a beautiful view of the Gulf

So excited to be there!

Ella loved hanging out in this porthole window - and of course Dottie enjoyed hearing Ella's book :)

I love this one - Steve and Ella went down to the beach to set up our tent and I was sitting on the balcony and saw her doing tricks on the beach

We spent a ton of time on the beach. We had sun every day, beautiful weather, and clear water. 

The pool at the complex was great and we spent several afternoons there after the beach

These little guys were so cute, little Mexican prairie dogs that lived in the dunes and would come out on the beach

Dottie loves the beach!

Dottie loved sitting in the water and splashing and having fun

Hunting for sand crabs on the beach one evening 

Early morning walk on the beach

Checking out some neat sea life

We walked to a restaurant on the beach for lunch a few days. This was the place that had a high chair so they won our business :). Luckily the food was good!

We cooked dinner most nights in the condo. We made spaghetti one night and it just may have been the highlight of the whole trip for Dottie. She is a wild woman and LOVES her spaghetti!

Eating out of her bib once dinner was finally over

And....moving on to the leftovers she could find on her chair :)

Ella LOVES going back on the beach at dusk (and later) to hunt for sand crabs. 

Always doing tricks :)

Beautiful full moon over the gulf

Phew - hard work!

Ella and I went on a Dolphin Tour from Port Isobel and it was truly one of the neatest things I've ever done. We were on a very small boat, the two of us, the boat owner and another group of three people. The boat captain, Scarlett, took on us a great tour of the bay and even out to the gulf. The dolphins were all around us and it was just amazing. I got some pics and video but ended up putting away my phone and just enjoy the experience with Ella and it was really incredible - absolutely a memory that I know I will keep forever and I hope she does too. 

We had a great dinner overlooking the marina on our last night

And our last trip down to the beach on Friday night

Getting dark but Ella was not done swimming!

Pretty sunset 

It was such a wonderful vacation, it was very hard to come home and back to reality!

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