Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July Pics

Dottie and her puppy

She loves water and is so cute chugging from her sippy cup 

Beautiful girl ready to hit the pool

Playing with the Barbie remote car together 

Every meal is an adventure 

Helping us set up for a game of Clue 

Cory tucked into Ella's bed 

Having fun with Grammy 

Cutest sisters ever :) 

Mom, Ella and I went to see Inside Out at the movies for a fun night out. Ella wanted a picture of herself on this chaise in front of the big print on the wall. Fancy lady :) 

Dottie absolutely cannot resist Ella's hair - it's like a magnet to her that she just can't keep her hands out of it...much to Ella's dismay 

Beautiful sunrise 

Sweet little dollbaby in her stroller

Fun at the playground 

Dottie at 11 months! 

I am on my 4th week of working out in the mornings before Ella wakes up and she has been really eager for a chance to come with me. So this morning I woke her up early, she was so excited and bounded out of bed and got dressed even before I did. We did a run / walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes, and she did great :) 

We did it! 

My laundry helpers 

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sharon said...

Beautiful, happy girls; great pix!