Monday, January 5, 2015

Ella's 7th Birthday

Ella's birthday celebration continued on Sunday when Mom and I took her to get her ears pierced!

With Grammy and Grampy

Not really interested in her big sister's birthday but soooo cute!!

Picking out her earrings

She picked out a cute little pair of cubic zirconium studs. There was a little girl who was getting hers pierced so we were excited to see her get hers done first. Unfortunately the girl changed her mind and ended up not getting hers pierced. Ella was still ready though and she hopped right up in the chair.

She was a little bit nervous but she did great, and it was over before she knew it. Ta - da!!

Last night as a 6-year old 

7th Birthday Wake-up Pictures (Cory was also waking up :)...)

Sweet 7 year old!

Ella's birthday fell on the last Monday of her Christmas break, and Mom took her to the Museum of Natural Science. She had a great time and then we had a final small celebration for her at home that night. 

Happy Birthday to our wonderful 7 year old!

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sharon said...

So much fun! Such a beautiful family!