Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wranglerettes Dance Clinic

The Wranglerettes are the drill team at the high school, and they are a really big deal around here. They are national champions and will be performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade in NYC in a few weeks. They perform on Spirit Days and other events at Ella's school so when she heard about the dance clinic they were offering, she was in!

The dance clinic was several hours on a Saturday and they learned the dance, had a picnic lunch, had a lot of fun with the girls on the team, and then they had a little show at the end that we went to. Then at the next football game the following Friday, they performed at the pre-game dinner and were able to go out on the field before the game. Ella was so excited.

It was our first high school football game in TX so it was quite an eye-opening experience, and we had a really fun night watching Ella and lots of laughs with friends.

Doing the dance in the cafeteria before the pre-game dinner

On the field before the game

We were up in the bleachers and we were watching Ella down on the track. She was talking non-stop to the Wranglerette next to her in line, it was so cute. 

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sharon said...

It won't be long before that's "for real!"