Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ella's first lost tooth

Ella finally lost her first tooth in mid-September. She got off the bus with a tooth-holder necklace around her neck and I thought I had missed the big event! But it was just really, really loose, basically hanging by a thread, and her teacher gave her the necklace to take home, knowing that it was ready to come out. 

Mom was over and we lucked out that Dottie was asleep so we were able to spend the next hour at the kitchen table with Ella, working on getting out this tooth!

The apple wasn't doing the trick so Ella let me try to pull it out - Mom caught it on video!

She was so excited and kept her tooth necklace around her neck. At one point she looked down, realized the tooth holder was popped open, and the tooth was missing! We looked all through the house but couldn't find it anywhere. She was very upset but we told her the tooth fairy would understand and she could give a note instead of the tooth. 

All set with the note in her tooth pillow, made by Grammy. Ella has had it hanging on her closet door for months, just waiting for the big night! 

Fortunately the tooth fairy did understand the situation and Ella was very happy with the visit and the money she discovered under her pillow, at 2am of course because there was no way she could sleep through the night :). She was so excited to get to school the next morning and show off her missing tooth!

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sharon said...

That was SOOO cool! I don't know what I enjoyed more, the look on her face when the tooth let go, or yours at realizing you had done it!!