Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend in Charlotte

Erin and Josh had their new baby boy, Grant, on Wednesday, January 8th.  We couldn't wait to meet him, and so Ella and I went up to visit for the long weekend for Martin Luther King day. 

We arrived around dinner time on Friday night. Mom and Cameron picked us up at the airport so Ella and Cameron were able to start all their fun right away!

Meeting Grant for the first time, he is such a little doll!

So cute having fun together!

I got in as much time as possible with the sweet little guy. He is just precious. Snuggly and so adorable, he couldn't be any cuter!

Look at his little arm!!

Playing together on Saturday morning 

Ella loved holding Grant on her lap as much as she could. She sat snuggling with him and loved him sleeping on her. So precious :)

Ella got a great surprise on Saturday afternoon when there was a knock on the door and it was Grampy!

Reading with Grammy before bed

And lots of good-morning hugs

Sunday was a little bit warmer and sunny, so Mom and I took Ella and Cameron to the park to feed the ducks and play on the playground, and Glenn met us there. 

The fountain at Freedom Park

Could these two be any more adorable?!

Video of Ella making it all the way across the monkey bars

Feeding the ducks again on the way back through the park

Snuggling with Grampy during the football game on Sunday afternoon

Sitting on Uncle Josh = way more fun than sitting on the couch

Erin, Cameron, Grant and Ella

This very well may have been the most fun that Ella has had ever had in the bath!

Playing in Grammy's backyard on Monday morning

Reading with Grammy

Getting in some final snuggles with sweet Grant

Monday afternoon came way too quickly and we were not ready to leave...but I was so grateful for our trip and the chance to spend the weekend with everyone and of course to spend time with the newest member of our family!!

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