Monday, December 30, 2013

Charlotte Visit

Dad drove us up to Charlotte the day after Thanksgiving and we spent Friday/Saturday with Erin, Josh and Cameron and Mom and Glenn. 

So happy to be together!

This made me laugh - Cameron was looking in the bin for a toy, and got his whole little body down in the bin in order to look

After a wonderful dinner that Mom made, we had a joint early birthday celebration for Ella and Cameron.

Mom got a cake for Ella and donuts for Cameron...they were so excited!

After dessert we had a birthday / Christmas gift exchange for the kids

Saying goodnight - Ella holding Cameron!

Steve made a fire in Mom and Glenn's backyard and we toasted marshmallows

Having fun on Cameron's swingset on Saturday

Grampy measuring Cameron

Ella helped Cameron get his shoes on by mashing his feet into them while he pretended his was a little shark

We were sad for our trip to NC to come to an end but it was such a great trip and wonderful time with family.