Thursday, February 14, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Last night I loaded my arms up with way too many grocery bags to bring them into the house because I only wanted to make one trip in from the garage. Ella wanted me to carry in some of her stuff and I told her I couldn't because my hands were too full.

She looked at all the groceries, shook her head and said "Mommy, you probably need to make two trips." (...which I say to her all the time when she tells me she can't pick up all her toys because there are too many to carry.)

I said "yep, you're right, I should have but now that I have them all, I'm not going to put any of them down and just want to get them into the kitchen."

Then she said, "Okay. Well, now that you've tried it once and didn't like it, you probably aren't going to do that again." ('s like listening to a tape recording of my own advice - that I'm not following!)



sharon said...

Imagine my amusement, seeing you say all the same stuff to Ella, that I said to you and Erin! HA!

Dad said...

Ella knows best!