Monday, June 4, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge with Grammy

Mom watched Ella for me when I went to Raleigh, and took Ella on a little vacation - a trip to Great Wolf Lodge! 

Ella loved it - she had two full days of the water park, enjoyed the pools, water slides, splash zones, etc - it sounds like she did every single thing that she was big enough for - Mom told me that one day they were at the park from 10am to 6pm without a break.

They had a great time together and I know Ella really enjoyed the trip. Here are a few pictures that Mom texted me - 

Watching the show (which she wanted to watch several times a day, along with seeing a few story times a day)

Showing off some of her loot 

Wearing her wolf ears and practicing her letters - she was really excited to show me her Ks later that she had worked on (K is her trickiest letter)

The last day she decided she wanted to try MagicQuest which is for bigger kids, but she had seen them with their magic wands and wanted to try it for herself

They went back to Charlotte on Wednesday afternoon and Ella got to go pick Cameron up from day care with Grammy 

I was so happy to see Ella on Wednesday night and hear all about her adventures -- while she was in the middle of these adventures she was less than interested in talking to me on the phone, so I was happy to hear all about it once I got back to her in person. I am so happy she had such a great trip, she keeps asking me when we'll go back!


Mom said...

It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Aunt Erin said...

Sweet little friends!